In a world gone to hell, best keep a sense of humour. 

Torrid Films’ current slate of projects plumbs the depths of the human condition, Australia’s love affair with real estate, office politics on mobility scooters and close combat wordplay. We believe in not taking the world at large¬†TOO seriously because it’s better to laugh, and more often at ourselves.

what we do

We're a creative production company developing and making short and long form content. We also dabble in theatre. From creative kernel to finished program, we add an ear for the comic, another for the dramatic, an eye for the unconventional and stir. We make highly watchable programs that are quirky, edgy and entertaining.

what we MAKE
  • drama
  • comedy-drama
  • documentary
  • short form theatre

Note: we don’t accept any unsolicited ideas, scripts or pitches.