Zoë Harvey - Driving Force

Zoë Harvey

Director, Writer, Producer. 

Zoë has over 25 years’ experience working in broadcast, advertising and as an independent filmmaker. Her style is both cinematic and character-focused whether the form of the work is drama, comedy or documentary. 

Striking visuals, quirky humour, emotional heart and snappy execution are her trademarks. Added to this, Zoë’s focus on the performer, from seasoned actors to first time interviewees, delivers convincing performances that engage audiences in story.

“The power of film is its ability to transport us. For me, attention to detail is the key to character and mood. I love creating worlds for talent to inhabit and convey their stories in the most compellingly cinematic way the budget will allow.“


Line Producer, Production Manager.

From short form to long form, Catherine has the budget more than covered with over 20 years’ experience working on government funded documentaries, news & current affairs, reality TV shows, light entertainment, sitcoms, and short films. She’s worked for big multinationals and boutique owner-producers. 

She’s coped with children (precocious), animals (wild) and producers (precocious and wild). If you want to know “Where does all the money go?”, Catherine can tell you, not from her sunny spot in the Bahamas, but buried in Excel spreadsheets.

“I once said “no” to employing an extra to save the budget, and before I knew it, found myself on the set of a sitcom wearing dressing gown and slippers, putting out the garbage, and smiling at the camera. I now ensure there’s an adequate extras budget on every production!”


Graphic Artist.

Gavin’s considerable investment at the drawing board has honed a keen eye for detail and sharpened an instinctive marketing nous into a well-oiled machine. 

The breadth of his artistry is a clever weaving of photographic and illustrative elements with an intuitive use of fonts that goes into the creation of all things graphic and extends to just about anything – on a production, in packaging artwork or on a pitch that needs a bit of brilliant design!

“Graphic language? What the??!!….. Ohhhh, I get what you’re saying. Yes, every image should engage and open a dialogue with its viewer. Just make sure you’re both speaking the same ‘graphic language’. Oh, and nothing beats a clear brief!”