When I logged into my account on the ADG (Australian Directors Guild) website recently I found a link for Shotdeck; a great new tool for filmmakers I didn’t previously know about. Since then I’ve been using Shotdeck to create look decks for a number of Torrid Films’ projects; a couple short form, a couple long form. Pros are sumptuous images that evoke mood, location, action, character emotions etc, cons are that the majority of films are American and if you’re not American it’s sometimes hard to think what the search term should be to find the kind of shots you’re looking for. So like any search engine it takes time to adapt your terminology to suit it in order to quickly find the images you’re looking for. But in the meantime you’re presented with a variety of shots from many films, some classic, others unseen or unknown but that you are now motivated to watch or rewatch. This is a great tool alongside Milanote which I was introduced to this time last year and is also excellent. Both tools are invaluable to filmmakers working with any size budget because at least at the pitch stage, anything is possible. Shotdeck offers an introductory two-week account so you can trial it for free – no credit card necessary. Excellent value. Find out more here: https://shotdeck.com/welcome/home