Game On Official Launch

Game On – a sci-fi short film co-produced by Torrid Films and Autism Spectrum Australia will be launched at a private screening at Sydney’s Star Bar Wednesday night 3rd December, 2014 as part of International Day of People with Disability celebrations.

Set inside a violent video game, life for two cleaners is hard enough before a hacker gets in and turns their world upside down.

The film stars Brendan Richards, Gabrielle Bartlett and Madison Kester.

The film was written, produced and completed inside 30 days during the month of October 2014 as part of a film festival challenge – where all submitting films had to be produced in the same 30 day time frame.

The production brought together 18 cast and nearly 50 crew. The film is a tribute to the enormous talents of so many in key creative areas from scriptwriting to acting, props and costume making, music composition, cinematography, visual effects and sound. A fantastic production all round.

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