“Marriage” to screen at White Gloves Rebooted

Torrid Films recently took up the challenge to make a short film in a weekend for the original shoot-to-show festival White Gloves’ 25th Anniversary return to form. The micro drama, “Marriage” was the result, starring Julie McGregor and Keith Thomas. The film was shot and edited over the weekend of 16-17th August. The location was Katoomba and on board were actors, Julie McGregor and Keith Thomas, Zoë Harvey, Writer/Director/Producer, Tony Leach, Camera/Editing, David Cretney, Set Dresser/Producer, Jane Duncan, Make-up, Lise Buckeridge, Set Dresser/Stills Photographer and Gavin Hodges behind the scenes created the newspaper props.

The film will be closing out the 25th Anniversary White Gloves Celebrations in Melbourne this Tuesday night 2nd September. Torrid Films is honoured to be given such a prime spot in the lineup.

For those of you new to the festival all films are black and white and silent…yes SILENT!

Stay tuned for the colour version (mit sound) coming soon!


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