“One in 5” Guardianship Tribunal Private Screening

Short film, “One in 5” played to a private audience of Guardianship Tribunal personnel at Balmain Town Hall on lucky Friday 13th December, 2013.

Screening organiser, Rebecca Ripperger, from the Tribunal used the film to build awareness about disability for Tribunal staff and as part of International Day of Disability (3rd December). The film features a principal cast of ten emerging actors with disability.

A short Question and Answer session followed the screening with Panel members, Nea Cahill from Arts NSW, Susan Johnston from Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre, Zoë Harvey from Torrid Films and lead actor, Gerard O’Dwyer.

Audience member, Chris Moore, from the Tribunal later commented, “I love that people out there working in the Arts are doing such great work to make inclusion real and get beyond good sounding buzz phrases and policies and down to really making a difference in people’s lives and making sure everyone can partake and contribute in a rich society. So often everyone is stuck on the very basics – and the inadequate resourcing of them. Life is rich in all its grandeur.”

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