Short+Sweet Sydney, the best little play festival in the world is back this June and once again Zoë Harvey is directing a short play. There’s just three performances of The Grave Yard Shift on Thurs 17th June, Sat 19th June and Sun 20th June at the Tom Mann Theatre in Surry Hills. So if you’re in Sydney and keen to get out and be entertained please come along. The festival shows up to 10, ten-minute plays a night. The Grave Yard Shift is just one of them. Playwright is Catherine McKernan Doris and actor is Robina Beard aka Madge. Zoë says it’s great to be working with Robina again after a 20-year hiatus. Many Aussies will recognise her face from Palmolive commercials of yesteryear. She’s back and not soaking in it. The link to buy tickets is here.