Zoë Harvey wrote, produced and directed. Set in the late 70s when film noir’s second wave gave new life to a great genre. Dark, dutch angled and heavy on the lighting. The film stars Kate Skinner, Renaud Jadin, Oliver Wenn, Karl Webster and Kaja Trøa. David Marriott art directed and Paul Howard shot the super 16mm visuals. Scott Mills created the selective colour effects and Neill Duncan composed the score.


Harbord Horror won Best Short Film and Best Special Effects at the inaugural Whitby-in-Shorts Film Festival in the UK (2009). It also received the following praise from the judging panel: “This exemplary short film has it all. Great shots, great look, great lighting – quirky and original, this is a superb example of how to make the most of the short format.”

IMDb Review

The film garnered a glowing review on International Movie Database (IMDb) where reviewer, Woody Anders scored it 8 out of 10. “Zoë Harvey concocts a witty and stylish mini-homage to vintage 40’s film noir. Paul Howard’s sharp black and white photography gives the movie an appropriately smoky’n’moody look and Neill Duncan’s jaunty score complete with neat whistled theme likewise hits the bullseye.”